HP maakt versnelde overgang naar all-flash datacenters mogelijk

HP 3PAR StoreServ levert de betaalbaarheid, dichtheid, veerkracht en flexibiliteit om flash storage in iedere applicatie te implementeren

Brussel – Vandaag kondigt HP meerdere innovaties aan voor de HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage familie. Behalve een nieuwe Flash memory module waarmee de klant een kostenbesparing van 25 procent kan realiseren, introduceert HP ook een nieuwe topmodel met ultieme schaalbaarheid, alsook een aantal voor flash storage geoptimaliseerde dataservices.

IDC voorspelt een jaarlijkse groei van 46 procent op gebied van all-flash storage arrays de komende vijf jaar. Dit komt omdat all-flash arrays applicaties van voorspelbare en hoge prestaties voorzien en daarbij minder fysieke ruimte in beslag nemen.(1) Gebaseerd op de omzet van solid-state arrays is HP volgens Gartner de snelst groeiende flashleverancier van 2014.(2) Gebruikers zoeken nu manieren om meer dan alleen prestatievoordelen te halen uit deze all-flash arrays, inclusief verbeterde productiviteit en datacenterconsolidatie.

Om de transformatie naar de all-flash datacenter te versnellen, verlaagt HP de kosten van all-flash storage naar $1,50 per gebruikte gigabyte.(3) Bovendien introduceert het bedrijf ultra-compacte en schaalbare flash systemen. De nieuwe HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage 20000 verhoogt de prestaties tot meer dan 3.2 miljoen IOPS tegen een sub-milliseconde latency(4) en verbruikt 85 procent minder ruimte dan traditionele high-end arrays(5). Om de belangrijkste workloads te ondersteunen en te zorgen voor grotere flexibiliteit, introduceert HP software geoptimaliseerd voor flash storage die zorgt voor end-to-end beschikbaarheid en workload balancing zonder onderbrekingen binnen het datacenter. Met deze aanvullingen op de al bestaande sterke set van tier-1 data services, biedt HP enterprise functionaliteit die nog ongeëvenaard is door vergelijkbare all-flash arrays van andere vendors.

Prijs en beschikbaarheid

  • Nieuwe 3.84 TB cMLC SSD’s: per direct wereldwijd beschikbaar.
  • HP 3PAR StoreServ 20000 Storage Systems: wereldwijd beschikbaar vanaf augustus 2015, te bestellen vanaf $75.000.
  • De nieuwe 3PAR StoreServ software features zijn alleen beschikbaar voor de 20000 systemen.
  • HP Financial Services IT investment oplossingen bieden financiële flexibiliteit en mogelijkheden om migratie naar de nieuwe HP 3PAR StoreServ Storagetechnologie te versnellen en aan te schaffen al naargelang de behoefte.(15)
  • HP StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central voor VMware (RMC-V) met 3PAR Remote Copy ondersteuning is in juni 2015 wereldwijd verkrijgbaar, zonder additionele kosten voor gebruikers van de bestaande RMC-V of RM-V licentie en een geldig supportcontract.


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“Early flash adopters are seeing added benefits such as extreme savings and productivity enhancements that are leading to an all-flash strategy for more applications” said Manish Goel, senior vice president and general manager, HP Storage. “HP 3PAR StoreServ is in a class of its own, with the affordability, scale and resiliency required for datacenter-wide flash adoption.”

Bringing the cost of all-flash to $1.50 per gigabyte usable is just the beginning
Customers looking to deploy flash for more of their applications can now do so more affordably thanks to the industry’s largest capacity solid state drive in a tier-1 all-flash array. Combined with HP flash optimization and hardware-accelerated data compaction that increases usable capacity by 75 percent,(6) these new 3.84 terabyte drives bring down the cost of all-flash storage to $1.50 per usable gigabyte, approaching that of 10K RPM SAS hard disk drives.(7) When customers apply space efficient snapshot features like those in 3PAR StoreServ to the multiple full data copies used for developers and data warehouses, they can reduce capacity needs by 6 times, in effect reducing cost per gigabyte to $0.25.(8)

New class of enterprise flash revolutionizes speed, scale, and data center efficiency
The new HP 3PAR StoreServ 20000 family scales-out to eight nodes and is ideal for customers consolidating multiple racks of legacy high-end storage while assuring application quality of service. The all-flash 3PAR StoreServ 20850 is capable of delivering greater than 3.2 million IOPS at sub-millisecond latency(4) and over 75 GBps of sustained throughput for maximum application performance.(9) The new family also includes the 3PAR StoreServ 20800 converged flash array which scales up to 15 petabytes (PB) of usable capacity. These new models are built on the HP 3PAR Gen5 Thin Express ASIC, enabling higher levels of performance, scalability and efficiency including hardware-accelerated deduplication.

With industry-leading density that is over 8 times that of major flash array competitors,(10) these new 3PAR StoreServ models consolidate 280 terabytes of usable capacity into a single 2U drive chassis and 5.5 PB usable onto a single floor tile. Both models support unified block and file workloads as well as object access for cloud-developed application consolidation. This density and workload flexibility assures that customers can prevent flash-array sprawl caused by introducing separate, capacity limited flash architectures into their datacenter.

Accelerated data integrity, availability, and protection for all-flash data centers
To support mission-critical applications, flash arrays and all-flash data centers must include built-in data availability and business continuity to reduce risk without performance penalty.

Powered by the new HP 3PAR Gen5 Thin Express ASIC, 3PAR Persistent Checksum ensures end-to-end data integrity from the application server through to the storage array for any workload while remaining completely transparent to those servers and applications. This data validation capability protects against flash media and transmission errors as data moves from HP ProLiant Servers through the fabric and to the 3PAR StoreServ storage array.

HP 3PAR Remote Copy support for asynchronous streaming replication enables replication where latency, distance and recovery are optimized. Especially suited for the all-flash data centers, asynchronous streaming eliminates the overhead of synchronous replication while providing a near-exact data copy with recovery point objectives (RPOs) measured in seconds.

The low latency of flash also benefits customers requiring a zero-RPO solution. For these environments, HP now provides the Alcatel-Lucent 1830 Photonic Services Switch which when combined with 3PAR Remote Copy software, delivers synchronous replication over fibre infrastructure up to 130 kilometers with in-flight encryption to reduce business risk.

HP also announced new 3PAR Remote Copy integration with HP StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software. StoreOnce RMC enables application-managed snapshots on HP 3PAR StoreServ systems and automatic movement of data to HP StoreOnce that is 17 times faster than traditional backup with almost 5 times faster restore.(11) With this integration, StoreOnce RMC now supports replication of application-managed snapshots between HP 3PAR arrays.

One-click workload rebalancing across arrays with zero added overhead
Enterprise datacenters running a mix of legacy high-end and all-flash arrays with limited scale have been forced to knit together these silos with added layers of cost, risk, and complexity in the form of dedicated external SAN virtualization appliances placed directly in the data path. To eliminate these compromises, HP announced enhancements to the native storage federation capabilities within HP 3PAR StoreServ 20000 Storage systems.

New HP 3PAR Peer Motion support for non-disruptive, bi-directional data movement allows enterprises to create a storage federation, or an elastic resource pool, across multiple storage arrays with up to 60 PB of aggregate usable capacity, capable of delivering over 10 million IOPS and 300 GBps bandwidth.(12) With a single click, workloads can move between members of a federation to dynamically rebalance storage resources for cost and performance optimization, rapid response to new business opportunities, and simple technology refreshes.

To simplify consolidation onto modern all-flash storage, HP 3PAR Online Import now supports simple migration from Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) TagmaStore Network Storage Controller (NSC), Universal Storage Platforms (USP), and Virtual Storage Platforms (VSP) Storage systems in addition to EMC VMAX, EMC VNX, and EMC CLARiiON CX4 storage systems.(13)

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